28 November, 2009

signs of life...

I actually had an appetite for-- a bread and cheese sandwich last night.
This is BIG people!
For the past 6 days I have eaten about two to five spoonfuls of whatever 'white pasta-esque' warm thing I could make- couscous, pasta, and one time I had a banana. And oh yea, those probiotic minidrinks...I had that twice I think.

But last night I was actually in the mood for food. I take this as a good sign.
My cough is transitioning from the horrible need to hack up bronchial matter back to the nonproductive wheeze- which actually, I can deal with through ricola and tea...so I'd rather have that even if it means I have some kind of mild bronchitis than the weird phlegm-y thing that makes me hack up a lung at night or during the day and in general scares the crap out of me since I feel like I could be killing my voice at the same time.

Ok, so today I haven't been hungry nor have I gotten out of bed (yes, it's 4:46pm) but that is by CHOICE! It's Saturday and there is nothing and I mean NOTHING better than going to sleep late, waking up early, going to sleep again, and repeating that pattern until you realize ... it's 5pm and you haven't done anything all day.

I even feel like I have a bit of a sense of humor about being sick again...so, when that creeps back into my writing, I have to be cured, right?
Up and At'em! Time to vocalize! hahaha...NOT

Oh yea, in full-of-crap news, I had to cancel tomorrow's matinee. I mean, even though I ATE a SANDWICH, that in no way indicated my preparedness to sing Queen again. I am still weak, I haven't sung since last last Thursday (that's 9 days ago), and as much as I'd love to warm up right now and sing some Koenigin out the window into the quiet streets...that's just not going to happen.

In future=tasks that I HAVE to really get on in the next 15 days:
Dialogue. Dialogue. Dialogue.
Oh man. I just got emailed the ENGLISH dialogue for upcoming French-opera (first one, not second one..that also has english dialogue). And it is a.lot.
Secondly- there are some traditional cuts and traditional line switching that are NOT being taken in this production (boo for me having to sing the lower line), and so I have to re-learn that.
And thirdly- still have to memorize the last 2 ariettas of upcomingOpera2 AND GET the dialogue for that one, AND take a look at upcomingconcert1's new new music.

But first...maybe some food!!!
Although I was kind of enjoying the swine-flu weight loss side effects.
We'll see how long those 5 pounds last with Lebkuchen around.
WHY did I NOT KNOW about this gingerbread goodness before?

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