02 November, 2009

the best superpower ever...

Would be able to fly/transport wherever I want.
This would save me the time and energy of:
Calling the car service
Waking up 4.5 hours before my flight to take the car service
Hoping there is no NYC Marathon day traffic on the way to LGA
Getting to the airport and waiting in the Skycap line
Getting to security and waiting in the line
Getting to the gate and waiting in the line
Getting on the plane and waiting in the line between the gate from the plane because people don't know how to put their overstuffed items into the overhead bins fast enough and get out of the aisle at the same time.
Changing planes.
Being tempted by a McFlurry with M&Ms at the Atlanta airport (yes, I ate it)
Feeling like CRAP (because I ate the McFlurry and a gross turkey wrap) on the NINE hour flight back.
Waiting in the passport line where only two guards were working and 500 people just deplaned.
Waiting for my checked bag...

I could just SKIP right to the part of reunion at the airport, the 13 minute trip home, and the sleeping off jet-lag.

Sure, I'd still have to pack and unpack, but I'm a champ at that.

But if I could transport or fly faster than an airplane (and not be cold in the -72 atmosphere), life would be a lot easier than it is right now...

Trying to adjust to the time, realizing I haven't really slept in about 20 hours, and hoping that this TOTAL feeling of CRAP right now is because of the 'dry' air on the airplane and NOT because I caught H1N1 from someone at one of the many public enclosures that I was forced to be a part of today.

Not feeling so hot right now...OD'ing on Emergen-C, tea, Ricola and sleep.

Although--IF I "were" to get sick...these 3-4 days would be a GOOD time to get that over with!

So---get on with it!!

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