09 November, 2009


Yesterday instead of only practicing new-music-to-learn-for-audition, I also sang through ALMOST the entirety of upcoming-role-1. Except for the trio/finale.
It felt really good...but also SO SO SO different than the last time I sang it (which...it SHOULD feel different because the last time was when I was a wee first year grad student).
It's interesting to realize what things have gotten easier, what's not so easy anymore, what I have to concentrate on this time that may be different than last.

Easier: All of the slow arias that before I wished I had more "heft" to sing when I was younger, but now..just being X years older, I think my voice has just developed into that a little more easily.

Harder: Most quick dips from high to low that before I never ever worried about as I chirped my way through the piece lightly...now I have to feel things a bit differently...I can't just let go or else the sound becomes 'white' as some would describe.

Maybe I shouldn't say that it's harder. It's just different. It's something I have to pay attention to, whereas before, at previous-age and previous-vocal-development-stage, I didn't. Because everything was even and easy since it was lighter and whiter.

Today- hopefully some work on upcoming-role-2 and of course upcoming-audition-music again.

The final cadenza is almost in my head right. I think :)

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