02 April, 2008

the process

Days at gym: 2 out of 3. Not horrible. We'll see what tomorrow brings.
Healthy food eaten: 3 out of 3 days, plus some M&Ms when I went to see Juno (finally) at the THREE DOLLAR theater.

Rehearsals are going very smoothly and I think that this is going to be one cute and funny show.
We're in the middle of staging the Finale right now (not of the show, of the act, you know, that long one with all those words).
And breaking it down and giving each repeat a meaning, or a movement, or some definition really makes this stuff stick in my head much easier!
And here I wasn't sure how well I actually had it memorized! Well, after 3 hours this afternoon going over and over AND over it, it's definitely memorized and then some!

Not much else to report except that I did a bit of work on next-show last night, and I'm excited for this character, the show, and the fun times ahead.

Now if I could just get myself to do anything productive in the evenings after rehearsals (meaning, from 10:15pm to 1am when I go to sleep)...that would be nice.
I feel so drained afterwards (I'll get into the swing of things eventually, but right now it's draining), that I can't really do much that's useful.

Back to refreshing the email and waiting for some e-love.

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