04 April, 2008


I have what I would consider a pretty important audition coming up this weekend.
And how did my brain and body want to deal with it last night?
By having an awful nightmare in the early morning hours that involved:

Driving around NYC, not finding parking and being late for the audition.
Realizing I left my red audition dress in the closet (where it is now) and not having anything to wear.
Realizing I left my heels also in the suitcase that I have here and not in NYC.
Remembering that I had a pair of other black heels, patent leather (which I do in real life) and that they were conveniently..at this consignment shop...that I had to stop by and pick them up, and then I got there and couldn't find them.
I'm driving all around NYC and have to cross the park and there's tons of traffic and I can't find a parking space and then suddenly I'm not with my car.
Then magically I'm at the audition at 5:45, the exact minute I'm supposed to sing.
I haven't warmed up, but thank god they're running late (as usual). I don't have a pitch pipe and have this weird feeling that the G isn't going to come out easily today since my throat is burning.
Someone walks out of the audition (a girl I recognize from about 5 years ago who looks at me like I'm some insignificant twit who is bother her by asking her if I can borrow her pitch pipe), she doesn't give me the pitch pipe but I can hear someone inside singing an aria that I know, and from their note, I get my notes.
I walk outside and try to warm up and make sure I have the g before attempting to have to sing it since I'm starting with Chacun le sait.
I can't sing it, or I can for just a second--not good enough.

And then I woke up feeling just AWFUL. Throat burning. Tired. Body Aching.
So much for going to the gym this morning.
I stayed in bed until about 30 minutes before I had to be at rehearsal (1pm), and felt like I could sleep for an eternity.

I feel better now, but sheeeesh! Thanks for that mental anxiety, brain! Not.
I suppose I'm looking forward to it and don't really think that it will be anything out of the norm, except that I'll be offering a lot of Italian--that I always offer, but still, the odds of it getting chosen this time are much much greater than normal (due to person that I'm singing for).

ughghgh..I hope I sleep well tonight.
Can't take these crazy dreams.

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