08 April, 2008

fighting it

Two members of the cast got sick last week. This week, it seems to be my turn.
Sunday night after the audition I started feeling a bit bla, Monday I was stuffy and tired, today I was the same. It would seem that I can easily sing on this (although I'm not testing that theory out), it's not really "bad", or in my throat. It just seems like my nose is stuffy, then running, then stuffy, then...etc. etc., my throat doesn't hurt, I'm not coughing, but I do feel generally yucky and not so excited to warm up and see how long I can sing for without something starting to take its toll.

So I've taken my mucinex, emergen-C, bought the OJ, downed water, tea, throat coat, tomato soup, theraflu, and cough drops. I have no surefire method of kicking things but what I do know is if I don't feel like I have to pee every 5 minutes, I'm wrong! I have to be drinking fluids ALL the time and flushing this out of my system.

The thing is, if I HAD to sing right now, it would be fine. Better than fine, but not my best. It would feel kind of stuck in my nose, and I'd probably not feel super great afterwards.
So that's the upcoming question--I'm supposed to have an audition on Thursday morning in the city. Yes, that's two days from now.
I haven't gotten WORSE, so it could only get BETTER, and it's "fine" for singing right NOW, so that's ok, riiiight?

I think so.
If I had to warm up and do an audition right now I'd do a light, careful warm up that was SHORT and sweet and to the point, sing the audition, and shut up for the rest of the day.
So assuming that things keep getting better and not worse, I'm going to go for it (since it involves driving back into the city for 3 hours, staying over, waking up earrrrly, singing, and then driving back to rehearsal all in the span of about 12 hours).
And I'm sure it will be BETTER than fine...great even. Like Sunday.

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