22 April, 2008

competition today

The past 24 hours or so: (after singing a run-through of current-show last night until 10pm).
12:45am- finally make myself get in bed and set the alarm for 5am. Ouch.
3:45am- wake up because my body refuses to EVER let me have a good night's sleep before important things the next day.
4:59am- wake up a minute before my alarm (duh).
Shower, blow-dry hair which is getting REALLY long, and, sidebar- should I get it cut in a bob or should I deal with the length and cut layers into it? Hmm...
5:25- get all my things together, make sure I have my music, my rep.list and I know where I'm going.
5:53- arrive at bus station (yes, I decided not to drive into the city so I could sleep for a bit--sleep-on a bus-HA).
6:10 bus departs, all of a sudden, air conditioning is on full-blast. NOT cool.

Sometime between 6:10and 9:55- me waking up, me being cold, me being tired, me thinking I'm going to sound like CRAP, me wondering if I'll get there in time, me eating an apple.

10:05- arrive at Port Authority. Get in a cab.(YES, a CAB). Drive to UES for competition.
Got there early, so I walked to the park and warmed up outside.
People walking by and staring, etc. etc.

Was in my audition dress, and (of course) sneakers...so I'm sure it was even stranger than usual.
Walk by a construction crew- twice--once in my hoodie and black sweats (whistles and catcalls) once in my audition dress (same)--guess you CAN look like crap and they'll still think you're hot.

Sang- Zerbinetta. When I announced my piece they freaked and needed to make sure that I was not about to sing for 12 minutes. Yes, I assured them, I would be starting from "so war"..
ARGH! Get over it people! I sing long songs and no, I'm of COURSE not going to sing the whole thing, are you crazy?!
You just let the girl in front of me sing all of o leggiere hirondelle and THEN asked for the recit to Norina! COME ON!

But it sounded good and felt good. And afterwards one of the old ladies said that she really enjoyed it and thinks that I'll get a call....which means..NOTHING..but it's still amusing to hear. These competitions, I swear, are ALL run by the same people.
I have decided there are SEVEN total people in NYC and CA that care about giving money to young opera singers.
And they all run all of these competitions.

I made the noon bus back, and now I'm here, insanely tired, and trying to pull it together for the first night in the theater--first tech tonight.



Susan said...

Love the image of sneakers with the dress. I don't know what you look like, obviously, but I recommend long hair! Keep it long! No layers!!! Layers = regret!!! How about some curls, if you don't already have them? Ok, jumping down from my hairy soapbox now, lol.

I sing warm-ups in the park all the time, except I always have my son with me so people don't stare. Much. ;)

Good luck!

coloratur...aaah said...

Sneakers are the best best shoes ...ever. If I could wear sneakers with all of my dresses and outfits...trust me, I would. There is not ONE audition that I don't walk into not fully dolled up...and wearing sneaks until the last second when I have to put heels on :)
And as for the hair, it's just long and straight...but grows fast...so I have no problems experimenting on it :)