17 April, 2008

back to normal

Day 'o insanity being over, it was rehearsal as usual today.
We had a fun time for the past 2 rehearsal blocks doing some recitative blitzing.
Usually this happens a bit earlier in the production, but due to circumstances beyond our control, we had to get the show blocked and now we're taking the time to go back and really blitz musically.
There's a LOT of recit (not for me---wooo hoo!---but for Figaro and others). Well, I do have quite a bit..but not that much compared to everyone else.

Blitzing musically first is a game I totally enjoy. For barbarina last year (in both languages)...we blitzed and I made a game out of it--whoever can say as many of their recits IN scene and act order, WITHOUT breathing--wins.

ie, take one big breath and go:


but the breath actually goes much much longer because there is more recit and you just ignore what comes in between and say your whole big phrase.

Am I weird for thinking that's a fun game?
Either way, I like winning it. And I have good breath support!

Last year's one in English was something like:
thepavillionontheleftside, isitthisone, nothatone, supposehedoesn'tcome...theyweresostingyintthekitchen..theyonlygavemeanapple,apear,andapastry..
and'whoseitforyounglady'?oh foracertainperson..'justasithought' 'ahwell'...

And in that way I never forget recits.

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Susan said...

That doesn't sound weird... it sounds like a great way to memorize!