29 November, 2007

audition (rejection) season

Ok, I've done the math. (See "proof" post below), and I know that the odds are not in any soprano's favor.
But still, every rejection stings for about 2 minutes.
So I didn't get it.
So who DID get it?
And the google odyssey begins to find clips, bios, previous shows, schools, etc. etc. just to see what I'm up against out there.

This morning- news that summer-role-of-choice-at-previous-yap-as-mainstage had been offered to someone else. NOT accepted (yet)- offered.

This afternoon- news that summer-high-level-yap is a no.

Well, I can't do much about it. I sang the heck out of both auditions and I know I impressed with every aspect of my performance.

So- onward and upward.

Lieder Competition
2 performances
and a mainstage audition almost every day of next week!

And HANUKKAH!! I'm invited to a very special candle lighting ceremony with my FAVORITE Israeli rock star omgomgomgomg next Wednesday night in NY. I've met him 3 times before, love his music, and I hope I get to hang out w/him after his mini 'unplugged' concert again.

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