01 November, 2007

run-through stasera

Tonight we have our run through for the designers.

While I'm sure there that it will mostly run smoothly, we spent most of yesterday editing, cutting and rewriting dialogue, changing blocking to make things go more smoothly and to let some people deliver lines from a more sweet spot onstage than upstage at the top of the rake.

So there could be some snags along the way with forgotten changes, etc.

Yesterday we had a dialog rehearsal.
Singers that I've worked with, for the most part, have such a hard time learning lines that aren't sung. They freak out about spoken lines. Except those that came from theater backgrounds, of course,
Well, welcome to the Singspiel.

In THIS show, however, we all seem to have it under control. A few people come from theater, a the others are just comfortable, the rest are just funny. Improv, as I've said before, is a common phenomenon during rehearsals, and things are really taking a nice pace.

We tightened up a few things, did a speed-through, and with that, the show was on its feet and ready for tonight.

I'll be running through the show in my head, relaxing, and make-believe-ing that this is the start of the runs so that I can begin a vocal, mental and physical routine.

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