22 November, 2007


Very full of food and family :)
Tomorrow- a quick trip to the outlets to see if I can find a new gown for my upcoming Messiah gig.
Also, make SURE (for serious) that I know all of the words to all of the lieder pieces that I'm singing for the competition next week, and ALSO figure out what I'm singing for the MET competition. Yes. This week.

Ummm- choices?
What I already told them I'd sing:
Zerbie, Lakme, Queen, Chacun, Glitter

No idea.

With time limits Zerbie may not be the best idea (although it was asked for as a 2nd last time around in a different region last year).
Neither does Lakme, although it's the most showy of the pieces (I started with this last year at Regions).

But Lakme is just one of those pieces that's totally a showpiece--I love it, but does it seem to OTHERS (meaning, the panel) that it's just a show-offy type of thing?
Here's my E, here's my added G. Yes, phrasing, story-telling, beauty of line, tone...but isn't that all trumped by the panel just hearing all those notes and thinking- this girl just wants to show off her high notes?
Which is of course NOT what I want to do! I just love the piece, I've performed the show recently, and I think it's a good choice vocally.

As is Zerbinetta. But once again, I feel like that is the reaction when a panel sees that piece on your list-- (if they're not casting for it).

So do I substitute a DurchZ? Do I start with Chacun, hit the high G and then just sing the rest which is in middle voice and more of an acting/attitude thing (that of course has to be delivered musically well too!)?

Things to think about as I ponder making my way to the kitchen for leftovers since it's midnight (almost tomorrow).

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