02 November, 2007

a chat with chocolate.

I really can't explain to you how much i want that chocolate right now.

maybe if i write an apostrophe to it i wont eat it.

why should you stay alive in bar form and not get in my belly?

is it because you were processed at the hershey plant and may have come into contact with other nuts and wheat products?

is it because if i eat you i'll ruin a perfectly good day of being good, eating fewer calories than normal, and hoping to look a LITTLE better in my jeans and not have a preggers belly in my midriff-baring costume?

is it because i shouldn't really eat past evening even though i've been at rehearsal for 3 hours and i'm very very hungry? and I deserve it?

why are you so tasty?

no. you're not even that tasty.

not like chocolate from the true source, with 75% cacao, or something Belgian or some German truffle.

You're just plan old Hershey's. Milk chocolate.

But you're sitting there, in that grocery bag from last week (when I was weaker than I am now), and I really want to at least lick you.

Or take one square? Who am I kidding? I will not eat one square. I won't even stop at half of you. I'd eat the WHOLE thing If I could...right now.

I'll just go have some water.

night night chocolate. we shall meet again tomorrow. this isn't over.

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