04 November, 2007

401 posts?

oh really?
Nice of blogger to keep track of that for me. Huh.

Ok, in response to the chocolate post below, for all of you SO interested readers (umm, no one?) yes, I had the chocolate. The bar. Not just a square. And it was gooooood and yummmmmy.

And the right TIMING if you pick up what I'm puttin' out there.

Oh yea. Tech week, dress rehearsals, and this is what I have to deal with? WHY oh why does that horrible Gap theme-song commercial keep mocking me while running through my head-- "I enjoy being a girl" ?

Nope. Not so much right now.

In all fairness (fairness?), it will be "bye bye bye", or 'gone baby gone' by opening night.

So, I have a headache, I just watched Joyeaux Noelle so I'm a bit emotional as well...in addition to aforementioned 'condition', and I'm glad that in 11 minutes it will be midnight for another hour, which means I have another hour to sleep or try not to make any sudden movements while I'm awake tomorrow and before our afternoon and evening of photoshoot, provided dinner, re-hair, re-makeup and run-through.

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