28 January, 2007

settled and sick

The sick part:
I'm home today with a throat that feels like it's burning a hole in my neck.
Last night I felt a bit scratchy. I went to sleep late (but no later than the normal 1am-2am hour), had tons of water and an Emergen-C. Woke up at 4 w/pain on one side and when swallowing. Woke up at 7 with pain on both sides and when swallowing.
I looked at the back of my throat w/a bright light and can't see anything but a bit more red than usual- at least no craziness being coughed up. But it's so dry and ouchie!
I'm not quite sure what to do since usually sore throats for me start either from a cough or from congestion that travels down, and then I know I have a cold or allergies or something.
This random throat thing-not so fun.

And while I "could" vocalize if necessary (ie, push through it)...it's feeling scary and thin to do anything right now.

I have the day off tomorrow as well, so if this doesn't get any better after tons of water and tea I may have to do something real about it.

The settled part:
The insanity is over and no, it wasn't for an opera gig. So no congrats---yet--- although all of the commotion could at some point LEAD to a singing job. I hope.

Wireless is out on my side of the building again (I should get one of those network extenders- I wonder if they work on networks that aren't your own!!)
So I'm in the hallway in my first 5 minute foray outside of my bed for the day...yea, it's 3:40.

MAN! I'm so sick of this bed thing. Plus I have no food left. Gotta get out at some point.

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