08 January, 2007


Today in near-freezing weather while the snow was lightly falling in flurries around me, I took my first step to training for...a really really small marathon.
Yes, I'm following a website called coolrunning.com to first work up to 5k (even though I could "run" it now- very slowly and with power walking involved for when I get horrible cramps which happen every time I run) and then eventually a half marathon...maybe.

We'll see how long this lasts. Probably as long as the weather doesn't ice the streets over.

Now, I hate running. Hate.
I was never a fast "mile" runner in my gym classes in high school. MAYBE 8-9 minutes. And while I could do sprints, that never interested me either. It was just kind of boring. Outside, inside on treadmills or tracks- boring.
I liked sports. Hated training for them though!

But I'm doing something as a change.
And I think I'll actually pull this one off.

The first day (although an easy 20minute walk/jog) is supposed to be the hardest. And truthfully, while I was winded and freezing after 30 minutes, it really wasn't that bad.
And even though you're only supposed to do this every other day, I may try to build it up earlier and faster and do 30 minutes a day.
Hey, being in the freezing cold and wheezing isn't half bad when you're trying to make sure that you still have Lakme lyrics memorized and when you have new music running through your head, in addition to numbers.
Numbers help me run.
I could to 5 twice on one hand, while keeping track of tens with the other hand.
60 seconds running, 30 seconds jogging. And so on.
The time actually passed without me wanting to turn around and just quit the whole thing.

And that's all for today.
No musical musings. No angst about next year.
Just satisfaction at doing something good for not just my voice or career.

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