01 January, 2007

almost home

Hello from JFK's wireless network!

It's really really really early- for a post-new year's eve celebration post.
New Year's Eve with favorite boy in the world was very fun. We walked all around NYC since the weather was not very cold at all, we even visited the mega apple store (which was packed at 11pm), we saw all of the tourists lining up to watch the ball drop all over the city, and we rang in the new year without much pomp or circumstance- on the street as it started to drizzle lightly at midnight.

I'm on the first flight back to current-yap even though we don't have rehearsal today. I pretty much have to learn, umm, a LOT of new music before tomorrow at 7pm.

My vacation/cruise/family reunion was....interesting.... cruises are (as of this one) not really my thing. EXCEPT for the karaoke nights and the "Princess Pop Idol" contests!!! (Let's just say I won a bottle of VERY nice champagne for my vocal-cord busting versions of Hero, All by Myself, At Last, and You're So Vain). The Island stops were fun, the beaches were great, but it was all a little too touristy and "planned" out for me. I'd rather just be able to explore one place over the course of a few days- instead of leave the boat at 8am and be back by 4.

At any rate, I'm a bit less pale, a bit more relaxed, and I'm ready to face the next 5 months with no break.

Back to the music as of this afternoon.

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