01 June, 2006

where have all the bloggers gone?

Just took a look through my links and through links on Counterpoint's website and realized that one is no longer alive, one is closed to friends only on livejournal, and people aren't really actively posting in general.
Is it because summer is here and the weather is nice?
Is it because someone found out who you were?
Is it because you can't deal with people's comments on your blog?
You don't have enough energy to keep entertaining?
The summer "YAP" season has arrived and you have a lot of music to learn?
The summer "YAP" season has arrived and you have NO music to learn?
It's easier to blog when getting rejection letters every other day between the months of December and February?
You're buckling down and getting those roles in preparation and you don't want to divulge how spectacular you'll be next year?

Well, it's not like I'm obsessed with reading other blogs, it was just nice to be able to check in and see what other people were feeling, thinking, doing about the fact that they want to make a career out of the same thing that I want to make a career out of. (AHH- I know I shouldn't end sentences with prepositions, but I really couldn't figure out a way to make that one work).



Embly said...

I too am sad to see these blogs go...while I understand a variety of modivations to stop blogging, it isn't fun to have someone who you like to "chack up on" just disapear. But then there are all sorts of funny social (meant in the Foucaultian sort of way) tensions going on. Observation and power structure and what not....Ima stop before I seem like more of a pretentious ass...referencing foucault.. god...

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Gregory said...

The sites that are in the "Bloghalla" part of my links are less likely to write when there's nothing to see in "off season".

Of course, that doesn't answer the question of why the singers aren't writing more....

For me, my boss has been over my shoulder all week, so there's been no chance. Today is the first day I've had to myself in two weeks.

And the 14 hour days make me less likely to write when I get home. At that point it's just wash the day away and pass out.

Much love,