11 June, 2006

but oh, those summer naaHiiiiights

Last full day of "vaycay". Tomorrow at 1am I'll be on a 13 hour flight back to NY and then on a 2 hour flight back to Boston to pick up my car and drive out to begin my summer program.
What will I do today?
What I do everyday Pinky...

Wake up late (check, it's 10:30).

Lounge around and pretend to listen to the chorus music that I still have to memorize.

Eat the best food in the world (unless you're dehydrated for two days without your knowledge and can't figure out why you DON"T want to stuff your face full of Hummus and Pita).

Visit my family one last time because who knows when I'll have around a grand to drop on this kind of flight again.

Go to the beach.

Buy friends some stuff that says my friend was on vacation and this is what I got(still haven't decided whether this will take place at Duty Free or in the city).

Not waste time on the internet even though I really want to get back in touch with the real world in the day leading up to my return to it.


1 comment:

Gregory said...

Hummus and pita. Mmmm.

Vacation, though...what is this strange word of which you speak?