14 June, 2006

Sweet Apple Presents

Well, I'm back laden with Duty-Free shopping bags filled with wonderful goodies and gifts that I will pass on to deserving friends and family. My bags made it even though I packed one suitcase inside the other (mildly suspicious) and checked it through Kennedy to Boston. I made it, managing to tear myself away from the tv/video monitor of the plane's progress over the atlantic in the seat in front of me long enough to sleep through two meals and all refreshment offerings on the 11 hour flight, and still not get a huge dehydration headache.

What I've heard so far:
"Wow, you look so rested, relaxed." "You look great" "You look different- like you had a great time and you're in your own skin". OK then!!! Vacation forever! Put me back on that plane!

No, really, I do feel rejuvinated. Of course also sad to leave my family and the place I called home for so long in my youth. I'm excited for this Saturday and the next 10 weeks to begin a new musical adventure, but also am absolutely NOT able to pack bags, figure out what music to take...pretty much I'm in denial that I am supposed to be on my way in my car tomorrow toward my musical summer destination.

BUT there are some things that are of course taking up my packing time...among them my NEW IPOD VIDEO 60 GB!!!! OH YEA!
I already transferred 17 gigs of music onto it, and that was just from my OLD ipod!! I haven't even gotten to ANY opera or any of my CD's that I still listen to in my car from time to time!

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