19 June, 2006

Here part one

The scoop so far:
People- Really fun, nice- even in this small group you can tell that we will all get along.
Music- Sang through first show today, felt good about my general feedback, waiting for something more during staging or coaching.
Place- well, it's HOT. There is no AC- almost anywhere, but that's usually ok with me. The one thing I still haven't gotten used to is the room/bed, and therefore I have not slept well for the past two nights. Also, there is some sort of something that I'm obviously allergic to because everytime I walk into my room my nose gets stuffy and I feel like cryyaap.
Looking forward t0- what I refer to as "Death by Aria"- tomorrow night, where everyone sings their prettiest. It should be fun, and will set a more relaxed pace for us to get through the summer once we all have our pats on the back and such from colleagues and the bosses.

Update two coming when internet is wireless in the dorms.


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