26 June, 2006

here part three- and vocal fatigue

Today I'm feeling it.
Well, yesterday too- even though it was the day off---damn me for talking and dancing and staying up until 3:30am on Saturday night.
All of yesterday I felt like I didn't want to talk...and then what happened? Well, we met our "opera parents" --people who adopt us, let us sit in their nice houses with nice AC, feed us, let us do our laundry for free for the summer, and supply us with other homely goods throughout the season.
Well, that used up two more hours of schmoozing. Even though I went to sleep pretty early, and my schedule was kind of light today, I still feel completely sung out.
I've had musical theater coachings to search for good keys to sing in, coupled with recital coachings, and of course run-throughs. Even though it's not that much singing today I experienced the moment of complete muscling...meaning, I was no longer singing correctly because it wasn't comfortable, and then my jaw and neck decided to do the work for me, and then it was all strained and crappy for about 5 seconds. Then I relaxed.

This was kind of the feeling that I have written about regarding nerves and performance...that two second thing where you feel like you're freaking out and your larynx is up at the top of your mouth and in your nose and you're basically just screaming and at the same time ripping your vocal cords out.
Well, it's not as bad as that stage experience. But it did begin. No.

There are other circumstances like being bitten by something weird on my upper BUTT, and not drinking enough water --I know this because...I know. But venomous spiders and mild dehydration won't stop me! I must get better by supposed bigwig auditions, my recital, and the full run-through on Thursday, and just good in general.



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