28 June, 2010


no, not like the do-re-mi ones..
I mean the ones with kilograms on them....
I have never been a person that owned one, but we happen to have one now...
and so I'm just curious...
what's the difference after a whole day of food
what's the difference in the morning
what's the difference IF I EAT BREAD OR NOT!!
And this seems to make the BIGGEST difference.
OK, going to bikram, yes, I'll be 1/2 a kilo lighter the next day, at LEAST.
But- eating bread-- and I'm definitely 1 kilo more the next day.

In the middle of this weekend when I had bikram thursday, bike ride friday, jogging saturday... I was down to the lowest of low weights for me in a while.
And then I had to go and ruin it all by making guacamole and since we didn't have chips we just had it with a white bread baguette....the horrrrorrrrr!
So- 5 pieces of that later, plus a piece of quarkaese tortchen (that's amazingly good cheesecake cheesiness), and I'm up a kilo.

ALL I'm trying to do is stay under a CERTAIN number so that the wedding dress looks good.
I'm still UNDER that number, but it would be nice to be SAFELY under it :)

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