08 June, 2010


One bikram class down, a bunch more to go for the next three months.
Rode my bike there and back, which makes my total exercise for the day somewhere around 1.5 hours for bikram and 1 hour for biking...NICE.
And at least so far (it's only 10pm here there is still time) I haven't eaten the entire fridge to make up for all of that working out.

I memorized (kinda?) One version of one of the arias that I need to learn.
Here's the kicker- one of them is Mein Herr Marquis. You would think that every soprano would know this from the age of 20 on! But no- I've never been asked to sing it (well, in GERMAN that is...English, yes)...
So- I have to memorize it now.

If I keep up the 1/2 a verse or so per day, I will have the pieces memorized hopefully by the end of the week, which gives me 2 more weeks after that to give them all more character, etc... and that should be fine. Musically they aren't too difficult to sing or to remember, so as I'm memorizing I'm working that out as well.

What's crappy here is that allergies have descended upon me once again.
First day back, felt fine. Second day back- that tickle in my throat and then the coughing for no reason.
Now- stuffed up.
Of course the first thing the Apotheke tried to sell me was COUGH DROPS made from PLANTS.
People, I know you don't believe in 'real' medicine made out of CHEMICALS here, but it sure would have helped to have BENADRYL for those two days.
Anyway, I have 200 pills of mucinex, but because I wasn't stuffy and congested and had only a dry cough, that wasn't the way to go this time.
Finally I convinced some guy that it wasn't just a sore throat and that I was a singer and needed something to DEAL with it, so he gave me the OTC version of Zyrtec- methinks.
At least that's what he said it was.

So far, it's not doing much of anything. I may start the mucinex if my cough gets nasty...otherwise, I'm not stopping my outdoor activities just because of a little tree pollen or hay fever or grass allergy or whatever it is..
And anyway I don't have to sing "for real" until the end of the month...by which time hopefully my body will be fully adjusted to whatever allergens come my way here in Deutschland.

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