06 June, 2010

the swing of things

Well I haven't quite finished unpacking yet, but it's Sunday evening which means a 'normal' work week commences tomorrow.
And what do I have to do?
A whole bunch of NOT THAT MUCH!

What ever to do with my upcoming time off? Which is.. a LONG time off?
I have a show in the middle of the summer (another Queen performance), I have three arias that I NEED to learn by the end of this month for a competition.
I have a new opera to learn- but oh yea, that's for April of 2011!

And so, what will I do with my time?
First of all, get right back into Bikram.
Buy a three month pass which means I HAVE to do it.
Second- maybe just maybe try and see if there is a German class that I can take.

It'so so close now! I really DO understand much of what is being said to me, under any circumstances...any subject matter...I still just don't really feel comfortable enough to speak back...assuming that most of my chatter will be with incorrect articles or tenses or something of the sort.

When we go out to meet friends or go to parties and other gatherings, I can handle myself just fine. Yes, it's a lot of nodding and smiling (although- I UNDERSTAND! I'm just not quick enough to speak up in the moment yet)..but it's not like I feel like I have to tune out completely because I don't understand anything. Not the case anymore at all.

So- that may be something that I could work on for the next three months.

Career things are looking good. I feel good about the amount of singing I'm going to be doing from the fall until next Spring. What I'm still a bit frustrated about is the inability to get auditions for houses that are HERE, close-by, that for all intents and purposes should know that I at least 'exist'... I mean, hey, I may not be an international superstar (YET), but at this point I've sung many of the major roles in my repertoire, have a bit of momentum in terms of the debuts I'm making in the next half a year, am 'local', and would really just like to know what is going on...

Language barrier? Email vs. Mail vs. Phone preference? German? American? WHY is this not happening? SOPRANO?
And of course, this is an issue that I absolutely cannot work for on my own behalf. It HAS to be through agents...

So far no responses.
If I knew that there was something I could do to be more marketable, I'd be ON it.
Different repertoire? Vocal things? Appearance? I'm there.
But just to NOT be answered when requesting an audition, especially with rep like Koenigin which EVERY.Theater.Does.Every.Season-- is a little surprising and disheartening.
Again, not saying I'm the cat's meow for everyone out there... but if you want F's, you got'em. If you want someone local that can jump in, HOLLA. If you could JUST give it a chance...yea, that would be nice.

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