21 June, 2010

out of the blue

I got a call this morning from the ZAV- that's the 'employment'..well, I guess UNemployment state agency for artists in Deutschland. You see, once you register with them when you are here, they have your resume and supposedly call you if there are any openings anywhere that THEY hear about before actual agents start calling.
Some tiny town theater in the north of Germany was looking for an Adele, a Gretel and an Eliza Doolittle (auf Deutsch).
Fest for this season.
In my AWESOME German (**read: I was freaking out in my head hoping to remember to use SIE instead of DU) I replied that Gretel was not truly repertoire/fach and although the other roles would fit, Gretel would not, so thank you very much.

I mean, in a tiny house of COURSE I could sing Gretel, but in addition to that, I already have plenty of work for this coming season, so a fest would be impossible.

It was COOL that I finally (after HOW long? Oh yea, a YEAR) got a call from one of the state agencies about something. Wait, that's not true. They sent me on one other audition in the fall...

Well, it was a nice and surprising call to say the least since I had assumed this season for auditions was pretty much over...I suppose there is always someone that doesn't know their budget at the last minute or what singer has to leave or wants to leave at the last minute.

We had a lovely weekend away at a Strawberry and Champagne (Sekt) festival and a gallery opening yesterday followed by a new restaurant that a friend owns...and now, it's back to the routine.

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