07 July, 2010

aaaand I'm back

This past 5 days I traveled to the MotherCountry to make sure everything is in order for wedding#2 out of 3: The religious ceremony.
Not that it will be so religious, but we do want something traditional. And after we FINALLY picked the space sight unseen (although, it's on the beach...how unseen can that really be?)...we figured it would PROBABLY be best if they actually knew who we were, what we wanted, picked out napkin colors, etc... (light blue, btw.)

So now that we have confirmed everything and it feels great. It ALSO felt great to be back in the MotherLand...wow- the way I feel there ..just no comparison to anything else.
And I wish SO much that I could start living there immediately. But I don't think that's in the cards just yet. Maybe one day I'll get to wake up to the sounds of the waves of the Mediterranean crashing outside my window. For now, it's just the German fussball fans and their vuvuzelas in anticipation of tonight's game.

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