15 April, 2011

show #3 and onward

In a few hours I'll be heading to an early dinner with out-of-town friends/donors who have followed me to many of my shows around the country.
Then, to my dressing room for my hair and makeup call 40 minutes before the show, and then show 3.
But it doesn't end there! Tomorrow morning I'll be waking up extra early (ok, extra early for the day after a show), driving for 3 hours to sing for the qualifying round of a competition, doing a photoshoot (new headshots/publicity shots), driving BACK 3 hours, and then singing a matinee on Sunday.

1. I'm pretty sure my suitcase is going to be over 50 pounds. Have the scale in the room, but haven't finished cramming everything into the suitcase yet (INCLUDING A BLENDER. And FLOUR. DON"T ASK)...so...yea....that should be a fun activity on Sunday night.

2. I have to start eating NO BREAD soon- which shouldn't be hard because of Passover for the first 8 days...but in addition to that, I am 'up' five and a half pounds.
This is like, pre-Germany, pre-wedding, pre-this entire year and a half weight...
And I chalk it up to fried chicken, ice cream, happy hours at previous-hotel and basically eating anything I've wanted to for the past 2 gigs...and not doing enough exercise to balance it out...OOOPS! Time to stop that behavior. No resolutions will be listed here, but ... it's gotta go.

3. Better/awesome review came out today.

4. I just had that fleeting thought about what is coming up. Actually, I almost have the whole summer 'off' starting in June...which I do like (so I can make sure I absolutely rock at 2 upcoming roles), and I'm 'booked' for the fall and early winter...but it needs to start getting more busy. I don't know when or how that will happen, but here's hoping the magic fairies make it happen somehow.

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