10 April, 2011

opening night

Last night was SO much fun.
I have worked really hard on this piece and it has definitely been a challenge to learn, but after our performance last night I can say that this has really been an enlightening and enriching experience.
I had fun, and so did everyone else onstage.
I think the audience really appreciated it, and most importantly- my family and friends were there (some to see an opera for the first time) and they LOVED it.

I have a few days off now, have said goodbye to everyone at the airport for the 6am, 10am and noon flights home, and now...it's relaxing in this gorgeous weather, saving it all up for my AUDITION tomorrow (3 hour drive away), and then our next performances during the week and next weekend.

Not much to say except that it's been a wild ride and if the next shows can be like this or better I'll be very pleased.

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