14 April, 2011

show #2 and about reviews

Tonight went really really well again! I think since we all had a few days off everyone was SUPER aware of entrances and timing and the like. I, for one, found myself 'fast forwarding' my head...after every time I finished singing, I had a split second of, omg what comes next when I come in next time?
That lasted for about the first 10 minutes of act I, and then I was ok for the rest of the show.
It felt fresh and exciting tonight...a bit more settled, as the 2nd show usually tends to be.
Now we have a Friday which will hopefully draw a bigger crowd, and a Sunday matinee-- which, even though it's a matinee and no one particularly loves those mid-afternoon performances, we will all be excited for anyway since it's the LAST ONE.

Such a big difference between doing 4 performances in the US and 12-30 in Europe.
The 'pressure' is on, you could say.

Now to reviews---
It would be nice to get a review from someone who KNOWS how to use musical vocabulary correctly.
As soon as a writer begins to postulate about Norina being a soubrette role (as reported in the NYTimes this week), I mostly stop paying attention.
No matter what, it's an opinion...and even though MANY people do know what they are talking about...JUST as many...don't. I mean, yes, they can have a feeling of liking or not liking someone as a character.
They can comment on whether the characters are believable. On whether the sets/costume/design worked. Tempi of the orchestra..balance, ...Even on whether they LIKED the opera...
But as soon as you get some choice adjectives to describe the voice that just don't make sense...I just wonder why they even went there and also, what they MEANT!
Soaring coloratura? check..lyrically thin? Are you talking about DICTION? The WORDS that the composer made me sing? What lyric? Lyric LINES? I never even have lyric singing! I ONLY have coloratura!?
Ok, I just googled "lyrically thin"...and every time it shows up in a review, it's talking about the words (text) that the character had to sing or speak...NOT the VOCAL quality of the character..so, yea..now I feel like THAT's what you meant, except that it SEEMS like you say my VOICE is thin, lyrically. Which would SEEM like not that positive of a thing to say..except that you say it right after SOARING COLORATURA!!!

You got some 'splainin' to do please...

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