21 April, 2011

home sweet home

It's good to be home :)
The last show was probably the best one that we all sang. It always happens like that-- when you only have 4 shows, somehow, even when the last one is a matinee.
My flight was uneventful although I was kind of annoyed that we didn't have the touch screen tvs where you can watch one zillion movies the entire time. Instead, we had individual tvs, but the movies only played and synced up every 2 hours...I know, it's petty and shouldn't really matter, but on a nine and a half hour flight when you are not tired at all and don't feel like reading or sleeping, it makes a difference.

My next show is in FOUR DAYS! whaaaat? Hope I remember what I'm supposed to be doing! Last time I sang it was in...November? December? Who knows.

I get to enjoy the sunny weather and learn two new roles the entire summer, in addition to making sure my competition rep is in order since I'll be in WIEN for the Belvedere competition at the end of June.

For now, relaxing, not-really-unpacking, and enjoying two or three days completely off before starting to get back in the swing of things.

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