29 July, 2010


We had guests for 4 days here this week! And they have a 5 month old baby! Wheeee! It was super-fun...
and of course I didn't practice, learn anything, study anything, go to yoga (well, I did ONCE), and what I DID do was play with a cutie patootie baby, who seriously did NOT cry--she complained a LITTLE when she was tired, hungry, or sick of being in the position that she was currently in (couldn't sit up alone yet)..
and then we made her laugh and she forgot all about those things. No tears, no screams, just laughing and smiling.
WOW. Here's hopin'- riiiiight?
And now it's back to reality.
Next week I'm getting married (Again! but to the same guy:) )
And then YET again in September...(to the same guy...again..promise).
And the planning- or should I say, non-planning is going smashingly.
Nothing more I could ask for but a super simple low key but classically beautiful affair, 3 times, with family, and then with family and friends...
in which the only thing I feel a tiny tiny bit worried about is whether it will rain on the outdoor affairs...and since I can't control that- I can't worry!


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