12 July, 2010

it's gettin' hot in heeeerrrre


Really. We have had no previous need for fan or AC, but now it's just unbearable here.
Having to take 3 cold showers a day, falling asleep sweating and waking up sweating is SO NOT COOL.

This weather is gross even in the shade, and the really bad thing about it is not the actual number, but the HUMIDITY!

Yesterday I had a crazy thing happen- Die Zauberfloete #whatever-it-is-by-now got cancelled halfway through the show!!! Due to extreme temperatures onstage and in the pit (and sadly for the audience too)...I suppose that's what you get when performing opera in a gigantor tent that is supposed to be the standby until the opera house is renovated...

Anyway, it was almost 100degrees onstage...everyone was instructed to wear 'as little' of their costumes as possible...so no giant fur overcoat for my first aria...
6 orchestra members had to leave at the first break because they were so hot, tamino almost passed out onstage..and the whole time I'm thinking- dudes, it's JUST as hot in Chautauqua and we had to sing SUOR ANGELICA in NUN costumes with ice packs down our backs!!

And of course, the announcement was not made to us...we just 'found out' right as my offstage through-the-audience entrance for Der Hoelle Rache was ABOUT to happen! Seriously--I had the knife and was about to go all "Zurueck" on everyone.

Then a nice lady drenched in sweat came up on stag and said some stuff in German, and suddenly we were bowing, they were clapping, we were getting our wigs and makeup off, putting on our still-drenched clothes that we showed up to the performance with, and getting BACK on a train in time to catch the 2nd half of the final World Cup game.

Crazy Times.

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