21 July, 2009

popular...you're gonna be pop-YOU-Hoo-lar

(Notice the connection between the current post title and the last post title...two points for musical theater geeks if you get it).

Today I'm going to make a quickie-recording of some 'popular' music...well, popular for the 1930s and 40s, and 'standards' of today.

Hurray for fun side projects.
I don't really consider them to be interrupting any 'work' that I have to do on upcoming score1/2/3. All in due time, I say.
And in terms of 'due time', I certainly have it until I hear about the first auditions of the season which eventually I will do an 'aria binder overhaul' for--ie, new copies, fresh pencil markings, new hole punches, etc.

Back to the jazz lead sheets.

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