14 July, 2009

i'm biding my tiiiime...cuz that's the kinda 'gal' Iiii'm

Update for myself:
Score1 has been with me for 2 weeks now. It's all good.
Score2 needs to be cracked open and translated and learned..but there is PLENTY of time for that.
Arias that I am thinking about adding to my 'package' this Fall, or my general audition knowledge...looked at them, would love to coach them, but am on the right path.
Arias that I want to revisit such as all things Italianate to keep working on the seamless Italian feeling in all of my pieces even the ones that have 16 staccato Es and Fs in them--ok, have only practiced one or two in the past few months..but it's something.

My general feeling about this summer is that- I actually HAVE gotten a decent amount accomplished musically, I'm definitely glad that I made the decision to do 'important-audition' in Europe, and I'm looking forward to splitting my Fall between Europe and the US--and hopefully get a bit of the best of both worlds in terms of auditions in both areas.

The waiting game...it's always the roughest..but of course, all I can do is ATTEMPT to put everything out of my mind...trust in the fact that I did a good audition..and hope for the best.

This is a pretty scattered post, but I suppose I'm just thinking about the 'bottom line' --meaning, what I really want to do. Which is this. So- how to make that a viable option..given the economic effect on budgets for the arts.
I am VERY lucky to have the means (thanks to previous-shows0809) to travel pretty much wherever I want to whatever audition I want..in the US and in Europe..FRUGALLY...and not really have to worry about when it's all going to run out.
Thanks to good budgeting, I know what I can spend, how much more is left, and what more I'd like to do in the next 4-6 months that will involve travel for auditions (and a tax write-off NEXT year--woot!).

Goals for myself I suppose are to somehow secure the most auditions possible in Europe and the US for upcoming seasons...with a strong leaning on Europe, kick @ss at the auditions, and get fun and exciting offers that will continue to take me all around the world...

oh how starry-eyed and positive the outlook can be sometimes :) I suppose it's just one of those sunny days where nothing seems like it can rain on the parade.

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