24 July, 2009

the good life

I know how I feel about 9-5 jobs, and as a creative type, it's just not the ideal for me.
But these past few weeks (almost a month now) has really made it even more clear to me how lucky I am to be successfully following this career path.
I know when my next jobs are. I know the window of time that I'm leaving open to auditions. But pretty much, for the rest of the summer, I'm traveling for pleasure.
Visiting friends from high school, undergrad, grad, opera programs, family that is scattered about, etc.
This is the life.
I know what follows all of this and so I am always preparing and am always prepared for any last minute audition that may pop up (have my high heels, audition binder and a nice dress I can pull it off with)..but in general...
it's reeeeelaxation with family and friends.

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