11 September, 2008

workout woes

I was doing sooo well. Every day at the gym last week except for Sunday.
Then on Tuesday I decided to take a class called--something or other cardio.
Wasn't paying much attention to the class description and so I'm in there and all of a sudden all of the women set up their step thingie (that I expected) and ALSO take a bar, and 2 sets of weights.
I'm thinking- ok, some squats with weights, some lifts with weights, etc.
I got through the class, WITH weights, doing all of the reps and feeling like my biceps were about to pop out of my skin. Literally POP out. They got so huge with all of that lactic acid..or whatever it is that muscles make when they get worked out vigorously for the first time in hrmsmhhrmsmss years.

Well after the class, even with the stretching at the end, I still felt really tight. SO I decided to stay for a YOGA class. Nice, relaaaaxing yoga. Right?

Welcome to Astanga yoga.
Welcome to jumping back and forth into and out of sun salutations (12 times), welcome to doing things to my body that I haven't done since gymnastics 10 years ago. With heavy controlled breathing. The kicker was that my arms and legs were SOoo overworked from the weights that my balance was all off--I could barely even stand in warrior one, let alone hold any kind of plow pose without my ab muscles freaking out and doing that weird pulsating thing and my legs shaking and my arms burning.

That night- felt good! 2 class workout, yea!
Next day- "help I've fallen and I can't get up". Seriously, I couldn't put the phone up to my ear. It HURT to type! My poor macbook got no love.
Walking, sitting, standing, or moving into ANY position from my PREVIOUS position. OUCH.
Today- thought I'd be able to go back and do some cardio.
No. I still can't really walk straight or fast--I feel every muscle move. I mean, I'm proud of myself for doing two really challenging classes and kicking my own tushy, but YIIIKES, I will NOT be doing that again soon.

Today- first day of work2 (and made enough to cover tomorrow)
Tomorrow- coaching, GYM (yep, I'm going back for more)
Friday- first official day of work1.

I'm going to take another hot shower to try and get my muscles to reeeeelaxxxx.

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