20 September, 2008

post-lesson things

Had a great lesson yesterday and will attempt to write down the things that signify the good/correct/beautiful/open sound at all times.

Breathing- back expansion, full everywhere not just low, breathe to the point where all you can do is let the air flow back out, never any less, regardless of what the next phrase is like.
Eyes- smiling eyes, smiling cheeks.
Under jaw- loose, fatty, should be able to put my thumb in that space and not feel anything going on. Low, free.
Sound- back and over
Space- sideways hitting my molars.

I never talked technique before, really...most of my teachers had the creative/artistic/feel this approach and that was fine with me.
With this new teacher I'm getting a bit more tech talk but it's being modified to sensations and sound which is what I identify with most and work with best.

Bottom line is musicality and artistry. Words. Feelings.

Now to see if I can translate that successfully into my audition today.

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