28 September, 2008

Bernstein, Bolcom and Boulez

Thursday night I attended the NYFOS concert in honor of Bernstein and Bolcom. This was the first opportunity I had to see Steven Blier's work, although I've heard about him and working with him from many singers over the years.
His performance, anecdotes, attention to the singers, and everything about the presentation was moving and beautiful.

Except for TWO inopportune cellphone ring interruptions (one right before the intermission and ONE during the LAST measure of the almost-a-capella Bernstein 6 voiced encore---ouch....really...that one was painful), the night went smoothly, with amusing and beautiful selections across the board.

The Bolcom McTeague selections were pretty awesome, especially the "gold babies" aria which I wish I could have the opportunity in context onstage because I think it's a modern mad scene that could be amazingly directed and sung with the right crowd.

One of my favorite pieces from Bernstein's Peter Pan was performed by a good friend of mine, AND the crowning glory of the evening what that I got to go to an after-party AT Bernstein's apt. Well, what used to be his apt. Now his daughter lives there...W.57th between 8th and 9th...Penthouse.
I was IN the presence of genius...Seriously..I rubbed up against the walls so I could touch the same things he maybe did.

THEN, yesterday, I went to see the NYPHIL at Avery Fisher under Maestro Maazel play an AMAZING program:
Mahler Adagio from Symphony 10
Maazel Music for Flute (pretty cool actually)
Boulez Pli Selon Pli ....AND
BERNSTEIN Symphony 2 Age of Anxiety---AWESOME. Really. His music just makes me really really happy.

The crowning glory of THAT night was that right after the concert got out I got back on the 1 to go to a party uptown and there was a lone flute player on the opposite track playing solo selections from Candide--Glitter and Be Gay and Make our Garden Grow--and I got to smile all over again.

Mmmm....it's just so happy and genius all mixed together.

A happy and inspiring weekend.


CVH said...


I love your blog. I have been reading for awhile and always check in. I am currently blogging about my singing experiences on my personal website. www.christianvanhorn.com I am currently in Chicago singing Nourabad in The Pearl Fishers with Nathan Gunn and Nicole Cabell. Could we possibly set up a mutual link to each others site?

All best

Christian Van Horn


Coloraturaaah said...

Hi there, feel free to link away. I'll return the favor when I update my blog-roll :)