01 April, 2012

on the horizon...

Week 3 of 'working mom' and I am getting the hang of it.
There have been no bottle feeding meltdowns yet and we haven't even dipped into freezer storage for milk!
I'm concentrating in rehearsals, and I *know* that everything is fine, instead of *worrying* whether everything is fine.'
So far this is totally handle-able.
Everyone around me is shocked that I'm back to work so early. In Germany most working moms take advantage of the one year to 18 months that they are guaranteed to have 'off' if they so desire, with the ability to be paid a certain percentage of their salary plus a guarantee that their job will be there when they return.
Well- I'm a free lance, guest artist- so no one guarantees whether or not my jobs will be there ever...
I'm glad I'm back 'on' again. I'm looking forward to these performances and another show which will take me through the end of May. Then I get a little time to relax and be 'just' a mommy for the summer (a full time job!) and rehearsals begin once again in mid-August for the next project.

I'm being pulled more and more toward modern music these days. I do have to say that even if I don't particularly 'like' the music of the piece I'm singing, I can appreciate it- the fact that it exists, that someone thought about making it, and that it is a challenge for all musicians involved.
Up next next next is another modern piece, in English, which will hopefully be easier to learn than current-craziness.

For now- I'm just happy that the little one decided that in the last two days he wanted to sleep for 7 consecutive hours during the night. No feeding, no waking, not a PEEP!
I felt like a new woman.

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