22 April, 2012


We did it! One of the most challenging pieces of music that I have faced so far in my career. With orchestra and conductor BEHIND us on the stage, with a prerecorded choir that had to sync to the maestro's conducting, with 20 actors undressing onstage, being painted blue, rolling around in plastic costumes with glued-on spatulas to their butts- yes, welcome to German Regie theater!! The composer was there for our generalprobe (final dress rehearsal) as WELL as at the premiere last night and he seemed VERY happy! Awesome. And on a personal note- I did it! First show back, with a baby. On the road. Thankful for all of the help that I had. Also, thankful that I said YES to thing and got back into the 'swing' of things so quickly. I am ready to keep going now. More motivated to find MORE work. I LIKE to be busy. I LIKE to do what I do. So- bring it on, please! Up next- the remaining performances here, WITH another 2 performances of Koenigin (with DIFFERENT DIALOGUE- UGH) mixed in at the same time, then a short US-vaycay for the little one to meet the REST of his extended family, and THEN getting back to some Zerbie and new music coming my way. Hurray.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! Love your blog. I am looking forward to reading more of the nitty gritty details of being a performing mother, once you have some time off this summer. Did you, like me, find that your ab muscles pulled apart because they were so taut and fit going into pregnancy? I am on a quest to heal my diastis these days. I found myself overworking my rib muscles during my last show to compensate.

me said...

Thanks- so far everything seems 'fine' muscle and singing-wise. The test comes this weekend when I sing Queen of the Night again after almost a year since the last performance.
I haven't practiced as much as I'd like since the little one's arrival- so I can't say whether I feel in shape or 'the same' as before vocally. What I know is it works when it needs to work...so far.
Good luck to you!