28 July, 2011

distractions abound...

Mostly in the form of my Kindle, which I bought back in April and have used on and off on long train, plane, and car rides, as well as sitting in sunny parks under a tree reading 'the classics'.

Umm, even though I had no internet for the past 3 days I managed to get about zero memorizing work done- due to my Kindle.
What?! Lord Jim is really good! And I'm 73% of the way through!

It's 5pm now. I WILL practice tomorrow afternoon.
And tonight, I WILL memorize one more piece from upcoming German thingie.

Good news is, everything that is already memorized-- is there! Forever! (Well, at least until the show closes). I can walk around saying it without taking a look at the paper, and it is RIGHT and I have no blips or skipped words or 'little' words that I am prone to messing up or exchanging with another 'little' word.

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