23 August, 2009

practice makes...

Well, hopefully CLOSE to perfect!

I have taken a bit of a break from practicing (except for in my head)...I mean, practicing out loud...for about two weeks.
I do things that can be considered 'preparing' for upcoming roles, auditions, etc., but I haven't actually sung a note since early last week. Unless it was in the car along with the radio or a CD.

Today I decided that maaaayyybe just maybe I should take a look at all of my audition arias that I'm about to present to a HOPEFULLY large number of houses while I'm abroad for the next six weeks.

Happy to report that they all feel great. Warmed up for about 20 minutes, sang through both Queens (since, I will not offer them unless asked, but they will ALWAYS be asked for), even sang through Lucia (!)..for fun...and then some Fee, Fire, Doll, Daughter, etc.

Tomorrow I'll go through whatever else is left in the book, the less-requested (at least by Europeans) arias.

Once again I find myself in a bit of a ...jumpy (is that my word for it) position...
Everyone in Europe has been on vacation for a month.
Auditions aren't being "scheduled" just yet, inquiries are just starting to be made, houses don't really know their Fest needs for next season (they have until October 30th to find out)...aaand of course, I'll be back in the US before that date.

So again, I'm counting on my managers/contacts and general online ninja skills to get the info., get the audition, and for me to rock it.

It's not a 'scary' place to be in. I was in the same place before leaving for Europe-part-deux in May. Again, I'm pretty zen about thinking that somehow it will all work out, as it has for far...knock on wooooood...but of course, my bottom line is to be auditioning for future work. Not lolling about Europe eating great bread and cheese and chocolate and wine...
hmm..on second thought...
bring on the chocolate.

Oh yea, upcoming post on how I decided that starting on Thursday of next week (giving myself 2 days to get over jet lag) I'm going to start working out. I already know the gym--actually, it's a boxing center..maybe I could get into that....

We shall see.

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