19 August, 2009

I'm baaaaaaack

Did you miss me? Didja? Huh? :)

I'm getting ready for my departure this weekend ONCE again to return to Germany/Europe.
Only THIS time, it's NOT only for work reasons (although auditions still remain my number one goal of the next month and a half)...
THIS time it's because there is officially someone on the other end who has officially 'asked' me to be there. :) I still have engagements (haha, engagements) in America, and I am fully aware of that and committed to continuing to perform wherever I have the opportunity to do so- in the States, and internationally, during my career.
So- career-wise (which is all that matters on this blog and for the purposes of writing here), this actually doesn't really change anything except for my continued work toward adding European venues to my performance opportunities.

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