24 August, 2009

it's the day of the flight y'all

As usual, I barely got any sleep. I'm going to attribute this to excitement this time, not the fear of falling out of the sky in a flaming ball of..flames.

No, I'm not 'scared' of flying..but every time the plane shakes, rattles, or rolls (usually during food service), I calmly think about whether there is anything on my person that could be used to identify me in case the plane crashes.

And then, realizing that, no, I am wearing my most comfy clothes (sweats, sneaks, tank, and hoodie and there are no pockets), I slowly reach toward my bag that is tucked under the seat and make sure some form of identification is close by.

Again, JUST in case.

That's normal, right?

Moving on.


And here is how I plan to get around the weight limits for my bags:
Bag one (checked) can only weigh 50 pounds. Ok, mine is about 54.
Bag two (not allowed to be checked or else I pay 150 bucks), is a carry-on and is only supposed to weigh 30 pounds.
It weighs 47. HAHAHHA. Oooops.

BUT, I am sneaky, and I checked in online. What does that mean? I can take my bag directly to the 'dropoff' bag area, get my tag, and HOPEFULLY there will be no weighing involved because I won't be at the 'check in stand' where you have to put the bah on the conveyor belt.
Also, hopefully, they won't look at my carry on suitcase and start laughing out loud.

IF they make me take anything out of either one--that will be quite interesting, but I'll be up for the challenge of perfectly rearranging everything to fit the weight limits (kinda.).

bon voyage!

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