18 December, 2006

Oh I got plenty o' nuttin'

Still no word from the US Postal service, although I do revel at their speed in delivering:

a. forwarded mail from first-yap to current yap address (particularly grad school letters already asking me to donate money as an alum).

b. forwarded mail from current-yap to current-location address (just for one and a half months, and JUST by name --since my roomate is having hers delivered to HER home in another midwest state) (particularly college loan bills and Opera news)

Have spent too much time at the computer today and yesterday.
Today I'm gathering performance pics and assorted headshots of me to decide which one should be the "first" pic on the new website, and which ones will make the cut to the "photos" page on the website.

And at the same time I have received too many myspace and facebook invites over the past month to NOT update some kind of profile on both of those sites (which I belong to but do not update ever...until today--because I use friendster the most), so I've added friends, added photos, and attempted to make it seem like my social networks have more than 27 friends in them.

I only have two more days at current-address before our extended family reunion vacation during Xmas week.
Hope I get that letter soon!
See ya at the Galleria.


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