19 December, 2006

is no news still good news?

The POBox has failed to deliver my summer fate as of today at 3:32pm. It has, however, delivered the 2nd half of the lovely competition check which I won way back this summer, and whose earnings I shall promptly divide between my scottrade stock accounts, my RothIRA during tax season, and my college loan payback bills which continue to roll in every month....only twenty eight thousand dollars away from being debt free!!! HA.

I wish I could just win a huge amount of money and pay them off. It would feel awesome. But I think it would also feel kind of weird- I mean, really- if I received 30,000 dollars and sent it ALL to my college debt, JUST to NOT have debt? I could have some really nice pretty things or go places, or have SAVINGS or invest it and try to make more and THEN pay off the loans. Yes, I think that would be more prudent--- pay off the monthly while investing the rest hoping to make more than my interest rate on those loans.

Enough financial talk. I'll leave that to me myself and H&RBlock guy this year ...although I am contemplating doing my taxes by myself this year. It's just the three state thing that could confuse me and the multiple residencies, etc.

Back to the POBox last-summer-yap issue.
Nfcs posters have said:
a. there is still one person (or more) that has not heard anything either way (one was there last year, one wasn't)
b. someone (who was in the program last year) JUST heard today-- no. By mail.

Does that mean I have to extend my waiting period even longer? I was really all set to call tomorrow and see what the deal was.

Well, tomorrow is the last day I can check my mail, email or phone messages before 2007! Yes, it's true. I'll be completely cut off from the world (unless the cruise ship has internet, wireless, and cell reception--in which case- Waaa Hooo!) because next week I'm going on a family reunion vacation. I shall bring Lakme and my ipod of course. But I'll be more interested in going ATVing in the rainforest canopy, hiking up to waterfalls, taking yoga classes on board, relaxing on the lido deck, and eating like we all do when the food is free!

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