11 December, 2006

concert, first-yap land

The concert yesterday went very well. My new dress was very fun to sing in, I said hi to a few friends from undergrad who got to the concert, and then had a nice relaxing evening.
I'm now back in First-Yap territory, visiting teacher and coach and staying at a friend's apartment. She just left for NYC for her last two auditions of the season, so I get to play on her computer, watch tv, talk to her bird (he talks back), and relax for another evening. Two coachings tomorrow and then it's back home for me.
We're both waiting for the ever-looming hour of the evening where we either hear or don't hear from a certain Yap. For me, last-year-yap, for her, new yap. Two people have posted Yes's on the forum. Now the waiting game really begins.
I sang for opera-in-the-kind-of-midwest last week and think I impressed, but it's not really the summer program that I'm interested in- more the mainstage opportunities in the future. So while I'm glad that I made a good impression, and think that I had a nice rapport with the director, and would never HOPE to NOT be chosen for a summer Yap, I hope that I get some sort of letter with encouragement about my career...or something like that..for future maybe.
Ahhh, just mumbling like a lunatic waiting for a phone call.
I'm so distracted.

But I have decided that if I DON"T get this, I'd like to do a German immersion program. Either at Middlebury with the program for singers, or just going to Europe.
Although then I'll be more tempted to study in France since I like Paris the most and would love to just live there for a month or two while taking intensive language courses.
But I think I need German more if eventually I want to sing there.
Which I do.
And my rep. is good for those houses. So is my voice and look.
So- to the future.


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