10 October, 2013

i know, i know, but this one is GOOD, part1

Yes, it's been forever, bla bla bla.

Life has been ABsolutely crazy in these last few days.

Here's the rundown:

On schedule for the end of this month: performance with company A (outreach shows, very little money).
Suddenly, AgentX asks if I'm free to do a one week cover of 'favoritest most fun show EVER' in France with company B. Pay is 5 times as much as company A. I'd be SORT of an idiot not to turn down A (politely)...money is money..."it's the economy, stupid", etc.

Contact AgentY and say I need to cancel A (it's just outreach, they should be able to deal with it-- was very polite, and it never HAS happened before that this happens to me, but there's NO way I can say no to this opportunity to introduce myself to the new house, plus 'favoritest role in most fun show EVER'...

All is ok, A is cancelled, B requests my financial info. (last thursday), THEN on Friday AgentX says- wait, the company B in France is reserving the right to decide whether they actually want this to happen until next Wednesday. Ok, I'm thinking, oh crap- just canceled one thing and now I don't even HAVE the other because no contract was signed...this suuucks.

And then on Saturday I get an email from AgentY asking if I can still cancel house B because there is a WHOLE show that needs covering, with the possibility of performing-- at house C. BIG awesome house C that is many many many miles away from Germany.
For FIVE times the amount that house B would have given me- plus, 3 weeks of work instead of just 1.

At this point, I don't have A. I don't KNOW if I have B, and I have an offer for C.

I take C.
I let AgentY know immediately that I have to cancel B and that, contractually, there WAS no contract- so this should all be 'ok'- (and frankly, it was their fault, because I would have really thought twice about accepting C if there was actually something in writing-- and then they go and decide to 'think about it' after they made an offer..so really...eh).

Then I'm feeling just CRAZY because I have 3 days to figure out how to get my life ready and pack for 26 days on the road. Oh, and also to remember the opera- since I sang it in 2004. (And again in 2011 but in a different language).

Part 1 ends with me flying for 10 hrs on Wednesday, arriving at the opera house at noon, costume fitting at 2, wig fitting at 3, rehearsal from 7-10 (I was nearly passed out from jet lag by then-- I didn't sing, just watched) and TODAY rehearsal "just for me" from 12-5:30 and tonight watching a runthrough from 7-10.

Oh wait, addendum to part 1.
I just got offered MORE work before the end of this year. People-- all of this last minute stuff-- it's exciting and cool and all, but really-- mini-heart attack just waiting to happen.

I am THANKFUL for the work and am EXCITED to do it all-- but of course, feel crazy and so last-minute and so much planning and dates, and daycare and housing and fees and car rentals and trains and planes...and music..and... and...

When it rains, it pours-- and I'll take the rain any day if the news that comes along with it is this type of news!

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