16 February, 2013

opening night

Haha, remember that one time when I did an entire gig without blogging once until after opening night?
Oh yea, that's now!!!

SO. I've been here for 4 weeks. Opening night was last night.
It's been one of my hardest gigs yet. Actually, THE hardest besides the crazy opera that I agreed to sing at  weeks after having a baby last year.

This piece is hard. The music is hard. The direction was something completely new. We were all behind it, and after a LOT of rehearsal and a LOT of hard work by all-- we pulled it off last night.

Bla bla bla, a lot of rehearsals,
Bla bla bla, a lot of sleepless nights including one bout of the flu and one horrible head cold/allergy leading right up to opening night,
Bla bla bla, I hope I sing all the notes right since the composer is sitting in the 3rd row...

But yes, it was all good. And I'm happy to once again report that I have been able to learn a crazy-modern piece, and make it feel like- Mozart. Ok, well Strauss at least.

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barettone said...

In case you weren't aware- your blogging fans miss you!