24 February, 2013

Closing Night and 'the biz'

And just like that, 4 shows later- it's all over.
Final performance was this evening and everything was electric again. I wish we had 2 more performances! Or 10.
Working with such a talented team of creative directors has really been one-of-a-kind on this show. The treatment of the piece was so new and so - how many times can I say creative? - so...so....just...awesomely fantastic that we all knew we put together a great show and were just hoping beyond all hopes that this big city audience agreed with us.

Since I haven't sung in the States since a certain little someone graced my life last year, this is the first time in over a year that I'm getting REALLY great press, and since the show was so well received on top of that, I'm reallllly hoping that this media blitz goes somewhere.
It's already my 'norm' in the 'business of singing' routine to do my own update emails and let people know every 6months to one year about my whereabouts, etc.- but this time it's big enough that I'm hoping this actually translates to calls or emails being made by my managers on my behalf to get the word out to specific theaters that may have 'modern' programming coming up, places I haven't yet sung for that now have the 'excuse' of a great review to make a first inquiry or a first impression, etc.

I don't want to be considered a 'niche' singer of only contemporary/modern music- I love Mozart and Strauss WAY too much- but if this is a way to make a good first impression and if anyone is programming this kind of stuff in the future and needs an 'agile and magnetic' coloratura soprano- I'll take it!

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